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Emergency Dentist, Nassau County to your rescue!

It’s Friday night, you’re at a wonderful dinner and then you bite down on something hard. You are in excruciating pain.   You take some aspirin hoping the pain goes away, it doesn’t.

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Who are you going to call? Who is going to fix what you just broke?

You need Dr. Todd Kshonz who specializes in 24/7 emergency dental care. He and his Nassau County medical dental team will find the problem causing the pain and fix it for you.

Whether you lost a filling or cracked a tooth, Dr. Todd Kshonz and his team are just a phone call away alleviating your pain.

Depending on your specific needs, you may need an antibiotic or pain killers to help remedy your problem.

Besides being the Nassau County 24/7 Emergency Dentists,  Dr. Todd Kshonz and his associates can take care of your regular checkups and cleanings along with dentures and implants. Besides being your emergency dentist, he is your everyday dentist.

So don’t put up with pain! Call Dr. Todd Kshonz’s office and schedule an appointment today! Don’t delay as you could end up with a much worse condition which will be more painful.

Not sure if you need a tooth extraction or a simple root canal? Call his office today at by phone: 877-822-9276, email: info@acaringdentist.com or visit his website:  www.emergencydentistnassaucounty.com


24 Hour Emergency Dentist in Nassau County

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